ONR Awarded GEM 3-Year Program for Composite Bolted and Bonded Analysis Toolkit for Abaqus (CB2ATA) Development

Posted on: August 5, 2021 | 0 Comments |

On August 05, 2020, Global Engineering and Materials, Inc. was awarded a contract under an ONR sponsored 3-year program to build on the current success of our Composite Bolted and Bonded Analysis Toolkit for Abaqus (CB2ATA) tool for a multi-joint system by including physics based models to accurately capture the interaction and evolution of coupled failure modes in the bearing zone of a joint system. A micro-macro modeling coupled with the in-situ X-ray CT characterization to perform the first principal based exploration of complex and interactive failure models in a bearing zone of a countersunk bolted composite structure.  A plan for demonstrating and evaluating the effectiveness of using the developed toolkit will be formed by comparing the required number of coupon level tests in generation of bearing and bypass interaction curves. The benefit of using this modeling approach with a small test matrix can be significant if multiple design curves need to be generated at different service loading with different level of initial fabrication induced defects.

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