Management Team

Jim Lua     Google Scholar

President, Chief Operating Officer

Jim Lua, President of GEM, received his Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics from Columbia University in 1989, M.S. in Mechanics and Material Sciences from Rutgers University in 1986, and B.S. in Structural Engineering from Tongji University in 1983. Dr. Lua has over thirty years of experience in conducting and directing research and development of computation fracture and damage mechanics, multiphysics coupling and simulation, defects characterization in advanced materials and structures, process simulation and optimization, and sustainment of metallic and composite structures. He has been actively involved in the development of novel computational tools for the prediction of aircraft structural loads due to buffet, tailoring of additive friction stir deposition based repair for improved fatigue performance, high fidelity strength and durability assessment of curved and tapered composite structure, multi-physics-based quenching simulation for large aluminum structures, and progressive damage assessment of bolted and bonded composite structures under static and fatigue loading. Before founding GEM, he served as Senior Principal Scientist at the Anteon Engineering Technology Center. He led the development of several simulation tools for the US Navy and DOD industries, including PROGROW for Bell Helicopter to perform probabilistic damage tolerance design of rotorcraft, PULSTR for the Navy Lab to perform the reliability-based ship hull design; and TMAT for the Navy Lab to perform a micromechanics-based thermal-mechanical analysis of a woven fabric unit cell.

Vincent Godino

Chief Technical Officer

Vincent Godino, Chief Technical Advisor of GEM, received his M.S. and B.S. in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics from Columbia University in 1963 and 1962, respectively. He has over 35 years experience in finite element analysis of complex beam, plate and shell type structures subject to static and dynamic loading. He was a Vice President at the Anton Engineering Technology Center and the General Manager of the Applied Mechanics Department. He has directed and managed many research and development projects in the areas of structural design and analysis, underwater shock, vibrations, structural acoustics and computational mechanics. Some representative projects Mr. Godino has performed or technically managed include; 1) Development and experimental validation of a finite element model to predict the vibration transmission and radiated noise from propulsion systems; 2) Finite element failure analysis of the composite hull section of the MHC-51 minehunter; 3) Design and analysis of a composite submarine sail subject to hydrodynamic and underwater shock loading; and 4) Dynamic design and analysis of numerous shock and vibration isolation systems including the NSSN combat system module, a hi-speed turbine generator, a towed communications buoy, a navigation gyrocompass, and various electronic equipment.