Mechanical Research Engineer Opportunity at Global Engineering & Materials (Princeton, NJ)

Global Engineering and Materials, Inc. (GEM) is looking for candidates to fill a position of a Mechanical Research Engineer. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated experience in most of the following fields: computational mechanics, structural analysis and design of a mechanical system, damage and life prediction of a structural system, and numerical methods. The candidate should also demonstrate (1) strong technical knowledge and experience in the implementation of solution modules and novel approaches; and (2) strong communication skills inside and outside the company. In-depth experience in commercial FEM application, customization, and implementation of user-defined subroutines is a plus.

Job Duties:

  • Development of GEM’s computational mechanics software toolkit for isogeometric analysis using a customized commercial finite element software such as Abaqus.
  • Application of the developed damage progression models to perform failure prediction of metallic and composite structures under static and fatigue loading.
  • Development of a fatigue damage evaluation method for metallic joints.
  • Enhancement of GEM’s existing software package for stress analysis of mechanical structural components with initial defects.
  • Performance of design iteration using structural analysis knowledge and computer-aided design techniques.

Position Requirements:

  • A minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a higher degree preferred. Required knowledge and training in structural design, computational mechanics, and numerical methods.
  • Expertise in application of commercial finite element software such as Abaqus for advanced structural analysis and failure prediction.
  • Experience in developing user-defined modules for commercial FEM software.
  • Proficiency in FORTRAN, C/C++, Python and other scripting languages, familiarity with common software development, testing, debugging, and QA.
  • Experience in FEM pre and post processing and using commercial finite element tools.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, highly motivated, good team player to accomplish group objectives, and willing to take a leadership and mentorship in developing both technology and commercial markets.

About GEM:

Global Engineering and Materials (GEM), Inc. ( is a high-tech firm and provides its clients with innovative research and development, consulting services and advanced simulation tool development. Qualified applicants are invited to send a detailed Vitae with the name, address and phone number of 3 references via email (